Alumni on their experience at the Academy:

Academy of Natural Therapy was truly the only massage school I wanted to attend. The teachers were all professionals with over a decade of experience under their belts. The students supported each other with open arms. The clinic next door was so convenient to get your required intern hours. Attending a school that is small really gives you the feeling of family. In just one year, I was done with school and ready to start my new career.

~ Penny Quick, LMT

I loved going to school there.. it feels warming and feels like family... the amazing teachers there who care and love their students, if u need anything just ask.. i had amazing time and amazing support..

~ Sivianna French

I graduated from ANT in June of 2013. I am now living in Montana, and I am working at a Spa located on a resort in a small mountain area near Glacier National Park. I work with some wonderful MTs, but I must say after talking to them (educated here, NM, and NJ) I feel like their respective schools left out a lot. Then after talking to other therapists I've met over the years, I've come to the conclusion that I have just received a massage education on steroids! Maybe not, but I feel like I've learned a considerable amount from ANT that most schools only consider continuing ED. I have recommended students to ANT, and I certainly would again. I think a good education as your foundation sets your career up for success and longevity.

~ Christina P.

Getting the knowledge helped me realize my health and other's health as well.

~ Crystal Gies

Multiple instructors went above and beyond. Deb and Andy, it didn't matter what was happening, they would help.

~ Vikki Hamme

I love this place!

~ Jason Taylor

Kelly Chambers helped me finish a lot of class things I needed help with.

~ Misty Landon

…I wanted to share just a bit more about my experience at A.N.T. and what the school truly means to me. Upon graduation I was able to step into a job exactly where I wanted to be, in a chiropractors office. Actually it was also my first interview as well :-) I had so many comments of "WOW I have never had a massage like that before" or “I can officially say I have never had a real massage before today” or even “I have been to a lot of massage therapists but none have ever helped be as much as you have” and “you really know your stuff and I appreciate the fact that you educate me about my body”. On and on I would hear things of this sort and I must give credit where it is due.  You have an amazing school, awsome instructors, and a cirriculum that is in my opinion Right ON!  I went from a single mom with 4 kids and no job or prospects, to a business owner doing what I love (helping people) and able to take care of my family with a schedule I can work around :-p   I can not thank you enough for your support, knowledge, and most of all for helping me to find my giftings and grow them. Thank You!

~ Mindy Scofield

Each teacher was willing to spend extra time with me if I needed it. Deb was amazing, along with Paul, Andy, Amanda, and all others.

~ Crystal Gies

James and Jennifer,
It was so wonderful to hear your voice today. It felt like home. I have been in California for three months now and I love it here. I was working in Bakersfield and the massage industry is a joke. Not one massage therapist understands “deep tissue work.” It is horrible. I want to stress to each and every student that has had the opportunity to go to the Academy of Natural Therapy how amazing the education is there. Go through the program and if you are thinking of the Associates program, let me help you. Go through the program! There is not anyone out there doing Dorothy Mongan’s neuromuscular work or Deb Todd’s deep tissue. I still hear Paul Witt in my head explaining the home position and the importance of movement. Let Jaime Owens guide you to excellence. If you get a chance to work with Dorothy, do it! She will take you to higher levels of massage that you have only dreamed about. The massage industry NEEDS great therapists who are passionate about healing. Don’t forget that there are therapist out there that have no idea what they are doing then are graduates from the Academy of Natural Therapy. You are set apart! Be proud because this school will enable you to become a part of an elite group of excellent massage therapists. Have fun and enjoy your journey.

~ Kristin Williams, Graduate

Academy of Natural Therapy Alumni on their favorite part of the program:

"Graduated from here in 2011 and I'm still in practice. I probably couldn't have done it without the continued support of the school. Thanks for everything you do!" November 2017: Melissa is the Owner of Melistic Massage in Greeley, CO

~ Melissa A.

The Academy was a school worth going to. I couldnt have asked for better teachers and the owners of the school are a wonderful family.

~ Samantha Van Nest

 I love ANT: the staff , students and TEACHERS . My personal experience has been life changing. Slower pace, taking better. Care of me, so I can take better care of others. Thanks ANT

~ Renee Marks

The Academy of Natural Therapy is a wonderful place filled with all of the best massage therapists this country has yet to feel. The teachers are all amazing and really work with you, everyone is nice and friendly, it's really a place for natural healers. I would recommend going if you've ever had the intention of learning about massage, even if you have not thought about it before, think about it now! Classes are quick with a lot of information, but if you have the time to put in towards making it to school and honestly trying for this you'd be a lot happier with what you'll learn. One of my favorite classes was Herbology, and I of course enjoyed working in all of the hands on classes. The teachers and staff really made the school worth going to, I'd really recommend going just to meet them. :

~ Mathew Quick

This school changed my life!!! Such amazing teachers and the education is an incredible foundation to create the ideal career! I have owned my own business for over 2 years, I am booked out 9 months, just added 2 new massage therapists, and truly credit my success to this school!! If you're considering any other schools, DON'T!!! The academy of natural therapy is the ONLY place to go!!

~ Rachel H.

This is THE place if you are passionate about being a facilitative healer. I cannot reiterate the quality of my education here or the incredible staff who never ceased to make my success their priority. I graduated with a lot more than a diploma. I gained a family of supportive professionals and colleagues who remain eagerly available to assist me if I ever need them as I've been growing into my new profession.
Smaller classes make for great learning. No fluff like tech schools -and the program demands many more hours than the minimum required. Each instructor tailors every class as needed and extends incredible flexibility because they believe in what they teach and want you to succeed. Students who expect excessive rigidity and impersonal involvement of classmates and staff need not apply. This school has purpose and extends every opportunity possible to any student willing to accept it through the learning process. I felt more confident in the independence I attained by earning my certification here because of the quality education and exponential experience in the field I received.
Furthermore, they offer an Associates Program beyond certification. That is rare in this field and sets this school apart in addition to the many accreditations they have earned and maintain, which is less than 20% of US schools offering Massage Therapy programs currently.

~ B.P.

The teachers by far! They were all so passionate and willing to help each and every student. I learned so much from all their knowledge.

~ Rachel Holmgren

Instructors and mentor, you know you can always go to them if there are any problems. Especially Kelly and Deb.

~ Vikki Hamme

Other students and teachers. The experience the people gave me was amazing.

~ Crystal Gies

The instructors, they had a great knowledge of material, took time to teach it to everyone.

~ Josh Hernandez